Where I Stand

Emerging Industries and Technology

*Served on Former Governor Walker’s Steering Committee on Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing and Deployment
*Advocate for commercial drone use, supported state-wide preemption of local regulations
*Held informational hearings on artificial intelligence, cyber security, non-competes contracts and the economic impact of Wisconsin’s aviation industry

Economic Growth & Small Business Development

*Authored 2013 Wisconsin Act 339 to protect intellectual property rights and fairness in the marketplace
*Authored 2017 Wisconsin Act 57, nation’s first state REINS (Regulations from Executive In Need of Scrutiny) Act
*I support a simpler tax code and administrative red-tape needs eliminated

Protecting Freedom

*2nd Amendment advocate
*Stands with ABATE of Wisconsin
*Stands with School Choice Wisconsin
*Authored 2015 Wisconsin Act 45 to restrict the invasive placement of a GPS device on someone else’s car without their permission

I Value Life

*Advocate for adoption rights and child opportunity
*Supported reforms to Wisconsin’s ‘Re-Homing’ process improving child safety and home environment
*Member of Speaker’s Task Force on Foster Care, supported bipartisan reforms  increasing support for the foster care system

Career Education

*I trust parents – informed parents are the ultimate form of local control
*I supported financial literacy requirements and entrepreneurship courses
*STEM curriculum advocate and supports funding for computer science courses
*Authored legislation creating Robotics Team Grant Program