Where I Stand

Economic Growth & Small Business Development

*Authored 2013 Wisconsin Act 339 to protect intellectual property rights and fairness in the marketplace
*Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers, free-market advocate
*Committed to lowering state income tax-rates

Protecting Freedom

*Staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment
*NRA member
*Authored 2015 Wisconsin Act 45 to restrict the invasive placement of a GPS device on someone else’s car without their permission

Protecting Life

*100% Pro-Life Conservative Republican
*Advocate for adoption rights and opportunities
*Voted to pass reforms to Wisconsin’s ‘Re-Homing’ process and ensure children a safe and nurturing home environment


*Informed parents is the ultimate form of local control “I trust parents”
*Supports closing the “Skills Gap” with worker training investments
*Supports individualized learning approach (not one size fits all) for students to have a true measure of success rates
*Proponent of establishing Wisconsin-based educational standards and an advocate for school choice